Hi, I'm Jaime.

I'm a one woman shop creating art using wood as my medium.  I strive to create an exceptional piece that shows the beauty of the wood as well as speaks to the customer.

About Blue House Designs

I have always loved wood. I appreciate the grain, the texture, and the aesthetic, and as an artist, I always wanted to be working with it more. Blue House Designs is the product of being fortunate enough to have my family and friends ask me to refinish wood furniture items or create unique wood art projects. What started as side projects for my own pleasure has turned into a business where I can express my artistic side, while building and refinishing the items I love.


My Mission

I love the idea of sustainability, repurposing, and reinventing wood pieces and strive to use only locally sourced materials for my projects when possible. My mission is to create heirlooms: items that you have for years and years. I want you to have a one of a kind, unique piece. I want to build and create art, as well as bring new life to existing pieces. I love this freedom to create what I think best suits a slab of wood in order to bring out its beauty.

Let's together imagine and create a new piece you are proud to display in your house or give as a keepsake to someone else.  Or, perhaps it is something that your parents or grandparents once owned, and now it is yours, but it's dated, or not in good condition. I want to take that piece and make it something you love. 


About MY ART

I come from a family of furniture builders and artists and have made art of all types for as long as I can remember. I love making things and challenging myself to experiment with new materials and ideas.  Creating helps me balance out the different parts of my life and is truly my outlet.  I stand by my work and love producing pieces that make someone say, "WOW!" 

Have an idea? Let's bring it to life.

Get in touch with me to find out how I can help turn your idea into art you are proud to display.


Now offering finished pieces by Blue House Designs.

Contact Me

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